Vadon Live

Vadon live

Welcome to the Gray Heron's forest!  For the past three years Vadon Association has been preparing the Vadon Live - The Gray Heron project, to be officially launched on the first day of spring and on international forest day 2019.

After many field research we decided to showcase the life of a heron colony. With the help of a video camera, mounted at a height of 32 meters not only the life and behavior of these birds can be observed, but also the life of the settlement next to the forest. Probably the most interesting fact is the placement of this colony, which is in a pine forest.

This forest is situated near Biborteni, which is famous for it’s mineral water, for it’s paintings in the calvinistic church representing the heroic battles of Ladislaus I of Hungary and for the old ruins of the medieval fortress of Tiborc

This project could have not been accomplished without the help of the following institutions, colleagues and friends:

  • The Government of Hungary - Bethlen Gábor Found - HU
  • Local Council of Saint George
  • Local Council of Baraolt
  • Gaál Mózes Middle School - Baraolt
  • Bartalis Ferenc Middle School - Biborțeni
  • Szabó Miklós - Biborțeni compossessorate
  • Tóth Zsolt Marcell - Filmdzsungel Studio - HU
  • Magyar Csaba - Filmdzsungel Studio - HU
  • Tóth Piró
  • Mihály Aba Márk
  • Babos Attila - Vadon Association
  • Vinkler Tivadar - Vadon Association
  • Cseresznyés Szilamér - Alpin Construction
  • Nyikó István - Alpin Construction
  • Benkő Richárd - Alpin Construction

From all of us enjoy the view!

Demeter János
director of Vadon Association

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