Wilderness Association

The VADON („Wilderness”) Association was founded in the autumn of 2012 with the aim of designing and implementing projects based on natural values.

Covasna County (Transylvania – Romania) and Szeklerland are extremely rich in natural values ​​and their intelligent use can contribute significantly to raising public awareness and economic development of the region.
Clean air, clear water, rich forests, wildlife, thousands of mineral water springs, starry sky, flowering meadows, the Székely hospitality, the warm atmosphere of their homes - all are values ​​that few can be proud of and which are worth building the future on.
The President of the Association is Sztakics Éva Judit, Deputy Major of Sfântu Gheorghe, and the Executive Director is Demeter János. The team: Babos Attila, Biró Rózsa, Petrass Katalin, Török Enikő, Ferencz Boglárka and Vinkler Tivadar.
Our mission is to help you get to know this beautiful area so rich in history, culture and natural values ​– Szeklerland.